ICE RINK MANAGER – Volunteer needed

Kenilworth requires a volunteer for the position of Ice Rink Manager for this season.
Position Description
We require a friendly, mature, self-motivated, individual with excellent inter-personal skills, and experience in managing a community ice rink.
The successful volunteer will be responsible for ice rink management, scheduling, supervising and training of staff and basic cash reports and will be actively involved in day to day operations.
Overseeing day to day management of Ice Rink/ Ice Makers
Strong customer service and hospitality skills
Liaise with Executive Board and team to implement special events
Supervise staff in a positive employee relations environment
Create a positive ice rink experience for all skaters
First aid Certificate Required
Ensure a safe working environment and a safe customer environment
Work schedule will include evening and weekend shifts
Ability to maintain simple records.
Ensure members of the public are using the ice rink in an appropriate manner

If you are interested in this opportunity, please call Meghan @ 780-450-0534 or email

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