Membership Director

The Short Version

The Membership Director ensures that people can purchase memberships.

More formally the Membership Director shall:

  • assume responsibility for Community League membership sales
  • order membership drive supplies from the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and prepares canvassing kits
  • recruit canvassers for the annual membership drive
  • distribute kits and assign areas, ensuring all areas of the League are canvassed by October 1 (membership year runs from September 1 to August 31)
  • collect money and kits from the canvassers, issue receipts for same and remit all monies collected to the Treasurer
  • sell memberships throughout the year and provide Program Directors with memberships for sale at registrations, keeping a record of such memberships
  • maintain accurate and current records of all active members and of members whose membership rights have been suspended and distribute such lists to Executive as needed
  • submit a list of out-of-boundary memberships to the Publicity Director as they are sold throughout the year.

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