Do you constantly get nagged to “start reading more often” by your teachers and parents? Or are you the one they have to snatch the book away from because, let’s face it, you’ve become a walking danger to society and yourself.  If you find yourself stuck in this never-ending dichotomy presented to you by the world of adults, then dare I say ‘read on’.
The Kenilworth Community is initiating a youth-oriented book club which offers…hold on a minute, did I lose you on the phrase book club? This is NOT a traditional book club by any means and I hope I have made that clear (phew) !!. It’s a club meant for youth (typically ages 12 – 18) and is meant to introduce you to the world of literature in a fun and exciting way. It won’t just be about picking books and reading – instead we plan on engaging in activities such as prose reading, author chats, circle games and anything else that you might wish to bring to the table! Have I sold you on it yet? Well, perhaps the FOOD affair might persuade you in the right direction 😉

Members are welcome from any community and please note that no strict age restrictions apply! Please feel free to contact me (Saumya) at or 780-298-8835. I hope to hear from you soon!

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