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  1. Just a quick note to say how thrilled I am to see the new Ice Trail in the park!! I learned to skate on Whitemud Creek (when you could wind along the creek) and never understood the appeal of skating in a circle on a hockey rink (only when hockey wasn’t in session). Not sure I will try skating again at my age but wanted express my enthusiasm for your ingenuity in providing a great venue. Thank you from a community member!

  2. The outside rink is not fit! And the real ice rink I was told was designated for hockey players. Not fair to all. Should have hockey times at certain hours to ensure its fair to all. Just because we are not hockey players shouldn’t mean we can’t enjoy a real rink.

    1. Hi Victoria,
      We are balancing the desire of people wanting to play hockey with people wanting to do a general skate. We are currently trying to set times on the main rink for hockey and other times open to general skating with no hockey. What times would you suggest for general skating.

  3. Why didn’t they do this when I was teaching at Kenilworth in the 80s.

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