Executive Directory


Title Name Number
President Meghan Abbott 780-450-0534
Vice President  VACANT
Treasurer Colleen 780-469-7661
Secretary Jason 780-394-3902


Title Name Number
Bingo Julia 780-476-2992
Casino Bonnie 780-288-5896
Buildings/Grounds Dan 780-469-2019
Buildings/Grounds Terry 587-983-6848
Capital Projects Gary 780-466-7591
Membership Barb 780-466-2360
Publicity Martine 780-466-9444
SECLA Rob MacDonald 780-707-8204
Social John 780-462-2105


Title Name Number
Badminton Liz 780-465-5188
Card Club Rhys 780-490-0106
Hall Rentals 780-469-1711
Ladies Aux Jean 780-469-4669
Neighborhood Watch Gladys 780-466-1688
Playschool Kirsty helpcarebls@hotmail.com
Senior Programs Loida 780-953-1062
Summer Playground Alma 780-469-2019
Toddler Time Angela

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  1. Looking for a contact for Kenilworth to join a city-wide community league driven advocacy effort to improve the City’s residential infill policies and practices. Please provide a name and contact information.



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