EPCOR 2015 Planned Water Distribution System Upgrades

Kenilworth Upgrades 2015


In 2015, EPCOR will be undertaking a large number of planned water distribution system upgrades throughout the City. These upgrades are designed to enhance system reliability, improve on-street construction coordination, and extend the life of existing water mains. These upgrades include small-scale projects such as hydrant relocations, cathodic protection and valve insertions, as well as large-scale projects such as full water main replacements and new installations.

Construction of the 2015 program generally runs from May to October. Individual projects are expected to take approximately 2 – 8 weeks to complete depending on their scope. All sidewalks and roads affected by the construction will be replaced in accordance with the City of Edmonton’s specifications and guidelines. Temporary restoration may be used on projects where the City has scheduled upcoming neighbourhood road and sidewalk rehabilitation.

For large scale projects, notices will be delivered to the properties directly impacted by the construction activities a minimum of 5 days in advance of its commencement. The notices will provide information concerning temporary changes to vehicle parking and garbage collection as well as other issues that might have an impact on residents. Notice of any planned interruptions to water service will also be provided to affected customers 24 hours in advance.

In order to complete this work there will be some inconvenience to the residents and businesses in the area. Roads may be closed temporarily during construction and there will be some noise and vibrations. However, EPCOR and our contractors will work to ensure that any inconveniences are kept to a minimum.

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